Lust – A writing prompt.

She sits there upon the couch with her honey blond hair pulled up in a pony tail, her yoga-pant clad legs drawn up to her chest, barely covered by the crop top, bare toes curling over the soft-curved edge of the cushion.  Bright blues, purples and other hues dance across her laughing face as a … Continue reading Lust – A writing prompt.


College bound?

I went to Hillyard Technical School this morning as planned.  It was a little intimidating walking in. I didn't know where to even begin.  My friend, we'll call her K, suggested that I call and ask someone or look at the website.  Both of these are very viable options, but I wouldn't know who to … Continue reading College bound?

After Reading Activity (Chapter 1) – Jack Rinella

I've started reading "Becoming a Slave" by Jack Rinella.  I'm only one chapter in so far - partly because I've wanted to do the after reading activity before moving on.  I've had too many other things to update about first, but now I'm ready.  I'd like to say that I spent the time thinking on … Continue reading After Reading Activity (Chapter 1) – Jack Rinella