Blogging Course – Day 1 – An introduction

So, a couple days ago, I signed up for the blogging courses offered through WordPress.  They’re free, so it’s a perfect cost.  The first day’s lesson is to post about why I’m here.  I think it’s supposed to be an introduction and a first post.  Obviously, it’s not a first post and I have some introduction in the “Here I am” tab.

However, I’m going to get something out of this course, so I’m going to work it lesson one until the end.  Here’s my introduction:

I’m here because this is my “free” space.  I find some comfort in writing and find that writing it all by hand is too slow a method, even if that’s the method I really prefer.  I prefer it because there’s a connection to the words that isn’t there when you type.

I’m here to blog about my life.  It’s a general thing, a broad subject, maybe even boring to some.  That’s alright.  I like my life and I’m the only one who has to.  I like to share tidbits of it, because that’s what I like to read.  It’s like looking in someone’s windows when they’re open.  You get a glimpse of what’s inside the house.  This is my window.

So I’m claiming this little corner of the cyberworld to allow glimpses in my window.  Complete strangers can get to know me and those who do know me can get to know me a little bit more.  I’ll include quotes and pictures on some posts – things that strike a chord at the time of writing, even if it’s not the subject (I’ll do my best to keep it relevant, I promise).  I may rant or rave or complain some – though I try not to do a lot of that.

So, welcome, fair reader.  Sip on your coffee or tea, grab a handful of popcorn or your favorite snack and enjoy the glimpses into someone else’s life.


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