Blogging Fundamentals – Day 4

So the assignment for Day 4 is identifying your audience.

If I imagine the kind of person who reads my blog, who would I want that to be?  That’s a great question.  I’ve never given it a lot of thought.  I’ve always just thought “somebody” would read it.

But, who would I hope would read it?  Maybe someone who wants to learn something – whether it’s about me or the lifestyle or how to blend it with your vanilla life.  I’m no expert and I can only give my own experiences – but I would hope the person reading my blog would appreciate that experience.  I would hope this person would want to know more about me as a person.  Someone who can appreciate my way of thinking – whether they agree with it or not.  I would hope what I write would make them smile.

What do I want to say to this person?  Welcome!! Try not to mind the clutter…or the cobwebs over there.  Don’t wave anything shiny … SQUIRREL!! It’s okay to laugh.  It’s well known that I have “Oh, look, shiny!” syndrome.  I want you to sip your coffee, tea, water or whatever your comfort drink of choice is, settle on your preferred chair and enjoy the words that I string together in an effort to tell my story.  If you’re lucky, I may even write a story or two – of fiction of course.  I want to say to you – enjoy your time here.  Take the ride known as life with me.  Take a peek through my window and look into my soul.

And I want to tell you this…


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