And the Universe is laughing at me….

Why is it I’m starting to feel like I’ll never sleep again?


Okay, maybe that’s a … slight … exaggeration.  I’m not even that far into the school year yet!! Already, I feel like my ducks are wandering out of my row…

So today was my off campus day.  My friend B came and got me.  Our mistake was going to Walmart.  I said, “I just need a couple things…”  An hour later and a painful amount of money, I lugged bags – yes, plural – out of that maddening place.

I got more school supplies – 2 sketch books, 2 five subject notebooks, one box of 100 Crayola (Because B doesn’t like Cra-Z-Art and …why not?) colored pencils, a box to put them in, a dry erase magnetic white board with a calendar, so that I can keep track of assignment/test due dates and other school things, colored dry erase markers (Because I have to color-code things) and…I think that’s it.  Oh, and a phone charger, because I need the alarm clock.  Well, the phone too – but the alarm clock is more important than I ever imagined.  Oh – and the pencils need to be sharpened, so I got one of those too.  A nifty battery operated one, in fact.  It had batteries included.

What I’m most excited about?  The colored pencils.  I’m justifying this purchase by the fact that I now have downloads of coloring books for A&P and he did say we’d do lots of art in that class.  100 of them will allow me to shade.  Don’t rain on my parade.  I’m busy justifying.


I made the kids keys to the apartment as well and got them key chains.  I got my son a camouflage one that he got all excited about.  I was going to get my daughter one with a skull on it, but it wasn’t the right size.  Grrr.  Instead, I got myself a pretty purple butterfly one and a bright green D clip to go with.  I got her a black kitty key chain.  My son has a Star Wars lanyard.  I gave my daughter the choice between the butterfly key and the regular key – at least until we can find her one she likes in the right size.  As expected, she chose the regular key, but loved the key chain.  At least that was a win.  I don’t know what she has against butterflies…

I’m going to pack my backpack here in a minute for tomorrow.  I swear the Universe is laughing at me though.  Yesterday, I planned on changing my availability at work, but I haven’t figured out how to do it (I mean, as far as what will work for me as available time).  Last night/early this morning, they assigned me a job that’s 116 minutes of audio.  I have an assignment due on Friday by noon for my Micro Apps class.  I have class tomorrow and Friday on campus.  The job is due tomorrow.  I’m going to have to fix this for sure.  The one time that they assign me something over 45 minutes and it’s when I have school and homework.  No, work doesn’t know, so I’m not blaming them.  I am, however, thinking the Universe is laughing at me and telling me “That’ll learn ya.”  Yes, Universe, I hear you.

I think I have my most of my work for Micro Apps done.  I just have part of the simulation training and the test to go.  I did get some work done today – less than I would have liked, but I’ll deal with it.  I figure I can finish the job tomorrow after school and then get to work on my job.  I may have to stay awake on Friday and have coffee pumped into my blood stream directly, but I got this.


I’m proud of myself.  In my Micro Apps class, I currently have 19 out of 20 for a grade.  Yes, I know this will change throughout the course – probably even tomorrow, considering I just turned in my assignment.  However, I’ll take my pat-myself-on-the-back moments when and where I can, thank you very much.

I was thinking that even on the mornings that I go to lecture, which are earlier in the morning that lab days, I can try to blog in the morning.  I will have roughly an hour between the time the kids leave and B is here to drop her kids off for my neighbor to walk to school with and whisk us off to school.  I can be productive during that hour, right?  RIGHT?? I mean, other than getting myself all dolled up – which, may happen from time to time, but let’s face it, I’m not really a get-yourself-all-dolled-up-for-the-day-because-it’s-Tuesday sorta gal.  Most of the time, it’s hair thrown back and you’re lucky if I’ve brushed it.

Speaking of not brushing my hair – this is another sign the Universe is laughing at me.  Last night, I slept on the couch in my clothes because I was too tired to change.  I put my hair up and didn’t even wash my make up off.  My phone died during the night, so I woke up to a Facebook call from a neighbor who’s son attends school with my daughter.  Long story short, it was 6:30 and she missed the bus again.  I paid for gas and said neighbor gave us (I kept neighbor company) a ride to the school.  While we were at the gas station, I went in to get coffee.  Of course, there’s a really nice looking guy standing inside.  I look like I just rolled out of bed (I had, but that’s beside the point – no girl wants to actually look that way!)  and I’m still bleary eyed from the five minute mad dash to get ready and off to school.  Of course he’d see me and smile and say good morning.  Of course he would! I mumbled ‘morning’ and went for the coffee – I’m fairly certain he laughed at me.

Thanks, Universe.  Thanks a lot.


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