Goals – Reached and Failed

My goal of updating this blog daily has been a fail.  An all around fail.  I don’t feel bad about it – well, alright, maybe a little.  In my defense, school has started for me and the last couple days I’ve been sick.  I believe the exact words I used after lecture on Friday were, “I feel watery.”


I do plan to do better at the daily update to the blog.  I have things I still need to “catch up” on writing about – and I swear I will.  I do plan on reading some more even – I do have that Jack Rinella book waiting for me, after all.

I have to say, I’m rather proud of myself.  I set out to study this weekend.  Friday, I was way too tired and slept all day.  I mean, *all* day.  I went to lecture and came home and passed out.  Literally.  Well, with a stop in there for coffee at a little coffee shop.  I was up for a couple hours later in the night and then went to sleep again and woke up early Saturday.  I felt much better though.

I have a couple new additions to the apartment that have been good.  First, I have my “corner” of the sofa, which now has milk crates stacked up so I can have my dry erase calendar right there.


Don’t mind the cookies.  I haven’t eaten the entire package…yet.  And that glow is from a new lamp on the floor.  I need to buy a lamp shade for it and I may put it on another milk crate, I don’t know yet.  I like that I don’t have to have the harsh living room light on overhead anymore.  Especially late at night.

The cardboard box coffee table has been retired to my daughter’s room as a nightstand for her laptop.  Yeah, we’ll work on getting her something else eventually.  I now have a little table that’s perfect for writing and having my laptop on and such.


Yes, those are my blanket draped legs.  It’s raining out and has gotten a little chilly in here.  It’s too warm to actually have the air conditioning off though.  Thank you Missouri weather.

So yesterday, I spent my entire day – with the exception of dad’s visit – studying and cleaning.  I cleaned on “breaks” and the kids helped.  So my living room and kitchen, at least, are clean.  The bedrooms, not so much.

I got through Chapter 1 in my A&P class, which is good.  I’m going to do my review quiz one more time – we have two times we can take it and he’ll take the highest score, so I know I can’t score any lower than I have.  I didn’t do bad on it – 8.5 out of 11 points, so not too bad.  I have my mastery level of this chapter at 8, which is the highest.  I’m confident I can do better on the review – which is meant to be challenging, so it’s doing it’s job.

I know we’re just starting school, but so far, I’m doing really pretty good.  I’m starting to get a rhythm down and hopefully, if I can manage my time effectively, I’ll be able to keep up the great progress and learn what I need to learn.

I’ll update my blog again later tonight and take the time to do my bullet journal too – that’s going to be important, since I keep dates in there.  I was considering getting a student day planner too – my poor little day planner is already getting full!!

Back to study for me!



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