More This and That

Here I am again, with so much to say that it’s hard to know where to begin.  I’ve suffered some set backs with school – as in, I’m not really where I want to be.  Friday, I had a quiz in A&P and I didn’t do as well as I wanted or as well as I should have.  I should have known better than to go back and change answers.  I cannot second guess myself.


I also missed a quiz and a test in Microcomputer Applications, which I’m not pleased about.  I never got a password to access those tests and I did email my instructor.  I think I’m going to have to email again.  If I can’t gain access, hopefully I can pull my grade up, because I am not settling for just above passing.

I feel better getting that off my chest.  Though, to be honest, I’ve probably griped about it to everyone in earshot.  Now, I’m coming up with a transition paragraph so that I can write about other parts of my weekend.  Bear with me.


Saturday there was a presentation of the History of Leather.  I enjoyed the presentation, given by one of the leading Ladies of Leather (a title I’ve given, and not at all official in any way).  Even more, I enjoyed the conversations after the presentation, both the personal ones and the ones I was able to “eavesdrop” on.

The presentation was run by the group my ex is a leader in.  I was a little anxious that he’d show up.  Thankfully, he didn’t.  I mean, I would have been polite to him, but I wasn’t really looking forward to the idea of seeing him.  Or seeing him with his new woman, for that matter.  I’m not angry or bitter – for the most part – not anymore.  But, I do know that I don’t want to deal with it yet.

Just a little eye-candy there.  Well, for me at least.  Not so sure about the rest of you.

Also at the presentation was the M/s Leather titleholders for Missouri.  I talked to the s side of that couple for a little bit and found that I actually enjoyed her company.  She was full of helpful information, even though she is admittedly new.  I asked about how to get started in competitions – not that I can yet, but it’s good for future reference.

Also, I got some excellent information on boot blacking and who to talk to.  I got to meet a wonderful lady boot black that had attended with someone I consider a friend.  She also has some other interesting subject matters that I’d love to hear and talk about.

I learned that there is a boot black class going.  I need to see the information for the next class, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to go.  I’m broker than broke right now and don’t see that changing in my near future.  Also, transportation could be an issue.  I’m a little frustrated with opportunities presenting themselves right now!! I have school, otherwise, I’d jump on this.  Ah, well.  Hopefully, there will be other opportunities.  At the very least, I’m networking and if I can work that to my advantage, I will have taken something away from this, right?


I hate being broke, but at least I’m trying to get things taken care.  Daddy A has lent me more money than I’d care to think about – but I paid him back Saturday, in cash.  It’s not going to take food from my house, but it is going to leave me broke.  I’m okay with that – I have enough for the things I need, or I would have asked to work out another agreement.  I paid for gas for my ride and I paid my way in to the event.  I feel good about these things.  I feel good about paying Daddy A back as well.

I spent some quality time with my bullet journal this weekend.  I’m going to have to spend some more with it today – get some gaps filled in and make a new weekly layout.   It felt good to do that too.  I’m learning to take things in smaller chunks – I mean, chores around the house and such.  I’m cleaning dishes as I’m cooking, instead of sitting idly during cook time.  It’ll make it easier for the kids to do dishes after dinner.  I have a chore list to do as well – so I think that’s next on my list while the laptop is in my lap and I’m thinking of it.  The rest of my day will be all study.



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