School Priority

It's Wednesday already.  Where the hell has my week gone?? My theme for the week has been "I'll have time to do it tomorrow."  I should know better, I really should. It's not so much that I'm procrastinating, it's that other things seem to take priority.  This blog, for instance.  I keep meaning and wanting … Continue reading School Priority


Goals – Reached and Failed

My goal of updating this blog daily has been a fail.  An all around fail.  I don't feel bad about it - well, alright, maybe a little.  In my defense, school has started for me and the last couple days I've been sick.  I believe the exact words I used after lecture on Friday were, … Continue reading Goals – Reached and Failed

Blogging Fundamentals – Day 4

So the assignment for Day 4 is identifying your audience. If I imagine the kind of person who reads my blog, who would I want that to be?  That's a great question.  I've never given it a lot of thought.  I've always just thought "somebody" would read it. But, who would I hope would read … Continue reading Blogging Fundamentals – Day 4

Blogging Course – Day 2 – Titles and Taglines

So this lesson goes through customizing your blog and setting up your blog title and tag line.  I've already done that.  But I can do as they suggest and write about why I've chosen them. The title is actually pretty simple.  It's a known thing among my friends, and somewhat of an inside joke, that … Continue reading Blogging Course – Day 2 – Titles and Taglines