Blogging Course – Day 2 – Titles and Taglines

So this lesson goes through customizing your blog and setting up your blog title and tag line.  I've already done that.  But I can do as they suggest and write about why I've chosen them. The title is actually pretty simple.  It's a known thing among my friends, and somewhat of an inside joke, that … Continue reading Blogging Course – Day 2 – Titles and Taglines


Blogging Course – Day 1 – An introduction

So, a couple days ago, I signed up for the blogging courses offered through WordPress.  They're free, so it's a perfect cost.  The first day's lesson is to post about why I'm here.  I think it's supposed to be an introduction and a first post.  Obviously, it's not a first post and I have some … Continue reading Blogging Course – Day 1 – An introduction

Stumbling Blocks

I've hit a stumbling block in my pursuit of education.  It really feels as big as the pictured rock.  It's probably not as big as I'm making it in my head, but it's there. So first, it was the application fee.  $20 isn't much, unless you don't have it.  I don't.  I borrowed it from … Continue reading Stumbling Blocks


Lust – A writing prompt.

She sits there upon the couch with her honey blond hair pulled up in a pony tail, her yoga-pant clad legs drawn up to her chest, barely covered by the crop top, bare toes curling over the soft-curved edge of the cushion.  Bright blues, purples and other hues dance across her laughing face as a … Continue reading Lust – A writing prompt.