More This and That

Here I am again, with so much to say that it's hard to know where to begin.  I've suffered some set backs with school - as in, I'm not really where I want to be.  Friday, I had a quiz in A&P and I didn't do as well as I wanted or as well as … Continue reading More This and That



I was just thinking over my last post and planning out my day in my head when I remembered something I wanted to post. Part of the conversation I had with the gentleman in the last post  was about how our conscious and subconscious minds speak back and forth.  He said that the words we … Continue reading Positivity

After Reading Activity (Chapter 1) – Jack Rinella

I've started reading "Becoming a Slave" by Jack Rinella.  I'm only one chapter in so far - partly because I've wanted to do the after reading activity before moving on.  I've had too many other things to update about first, but now I'm ready.  I'd like to say that I spent the time thinking on … Continue reading After Reading Activity (Chapter 1) – Jack Rinella